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Attached to fitness is an obsession with us and it’s something which we thrive on. Training and keeping active is something is also something which some of our friends below like to too. There are so many ways to go about teaching our students, one of the ways is to keep it simple and to reduce the volume of exercises which we give to our students, this way works well with beginners, we like to incorporate a variety of different techniques and the reason why we do this is because we do not want the muscles to get use to type of training, this has given us very good results, we also concentrate on the form our students use to do each exercise which is illustrated at

John Weller

RedSun CrossFit London, CrossFitLondon

Coaching fitness is my specialty, I want all students who attend my classes to remember me, and the way that I teach them, I also want them to remember what they learnt at my lesson, I also want them to feel that they would like to come back to my lessons again and again. Having this type of impact on your students is not a business strategy but something you feel inside and something you feel is the right thing to do.

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